Liaoning Chengda donates epidemic prevention materials to Japan

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(The words full of emotion, together with a large quantity of anti-epidemic materials, carried the hearts of all staff of Liaoning Chengda, and were sent to Japan across the mountains and seas to support the local people to fight against the epidemic of New Corona Pandemic COVID-19).


In March, as the new Corona epidemic continued to spread around the world, the number of confirmed cases in Japan continued to increase, and there was a shortage of anti-epidemic materials, our company made the decision to support Japan with anti-epidemic materials and immediately contacted the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Japan-China Friendship Association of Osaka Prefecture to carry out related donations.

The company coordinated, and Chengda International Trade Co., Ltd. took charge of the emergency financing of the materials, and the team of Chengda International gave full play to its advantages in domestic and international trade, overcoming many difficulties such as the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in the domestic market and the fact that some enterprises had not yet fully resumed work and production, etc., and made special preparations, and made many transfers to procure 800,000 masks at once. The company has already donated these materials to the Japanese side to solve their urgent needs and injected great strength into the Japanese side to fight against the epidemic.

On March 25, the cargo ship carrying our first batch of epidemic prevention materials departed from Shishima Port in Shandong Province and arrived at Osaka Port in Japan on March 27.

On April 4, the cargo ship carrying our second batch of epidemic prevention materials for Japan departed from Dalian port in Liaoning Province and arrived at Osaka port in Japan on April 6.

The donation to Japan received positive response and great assistance from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the Japan-China Friendship Association of Osaka Prefecture.


In the afternoon of April 1, a donation ceremony was held in the conference room on the 26th floor of the company to assist Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to prevent the epidemic. Mr. Ge Yu, president of JSC, and Mr. Mizuta Kenji, representative of the Japanese side, raised the banner with the words of "Support Japan to fight against the epidemic" to express the feeling of fighting against the epidemic and overcoming the difficulties together.


On April 10th, with the assistance of the Osaka Prefecture Japan-China Friendship Association, the handover and donation ceremony of the epidemic prevention materials donated by our company was held in the conference hall of the Osaka branch of the Japanese Red Cross. Half of the donated masks distributed to facilities for the elderly and the disabled in Osaka Prefecture through the Social Welfare Association, and the rest will be used in the local activities of the Japanese Red Cross Association. Mr. Tokuhiko Kajimoto, President of the Osaka Japan-China Friendship Association, received a certificate of appreciation from the recipient on behalf of the company.



Our donation received attention and coverage from many mainstream media in Japan, and was also recognized by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Osaka and retweeted on their official Twitter feeds. In an interview with NHK TV, Ms. Katsuko Oe, Director of the Osaka Branch Office of the Japanese Red Cross Society, said, "I am very grateful for the donation of so many masks when we are trying to find resources for masks by all means. We are very grateful to have received so many masks," said Inotegami Toshio, president of the Osaka Prefectural Social Welfare Association, "There are not enough masks at all facilities, so we are very grateful to have received so many masks: "I hope that the friendship between China and Japan will be strong and long-lasting, and that there will be mutual cooperation in many aspects.

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Since the outbreak of the New Corona epidemic in China, our company has donated 15 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials to the society one after another; when the global epidemic broke out at more points, we once again lent a helping hand to help the Japanese people fight against the New Crown epidemic, showing our confidence and determination to overcome the epidemic and demonstrating the responsibility of adults and the great love of adults.